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From our ingredients to our ethics, we love to answer your questions about TWIX®.

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  1. Q:

    I’m having trouble finding my favorite TWIX® products. Help!


    All of our currently available products can be found directly at each retailer’s website. In addition, all of our currently available products can be found by searching on our Where To Buy page.


    Alternatively, why not browse our products, to see if there's something new that takes your fancy? 

  2. Q:

    Where can I find coupons for your products?


    We’re sorry, we do not have coupons available for distribution. Check newspaper inserts, store circulars, or couponing apps for promotions.  

  3. Q:

    I want to request product for my nonprofit or event. Is that possible?


    We appreciate you thinking of our brands, and offering Mars Wrigley the opportunity to participate in your program. We applaud your efforts to create smiles and better moments in your community!


    As much as we would like to play a part, we do not accept product donation requests from consumers. To make the biggest impact, we focus on the Mars Wrigley Foundation’s efforts. Our business distributes millions of product packs to our nonprofit partners each year.

  4. Q:

    Does TWIX® distribute samples?


    Sorry, samples are not available for distribution. 


If you still need help with anything, you can contact us using the form below, email or call us, or explore more on social media.